Age out Loud at Benson Center

We had fun filled event at Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex, this Saturday. Firstly want to thank Ms Sabrina Hudson, Aging service Program coordinator and Ms. Lila Womack, Life Enrichment Coordinator, for giving us the opportunity to showcase chess during their community event. We were overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm shown by seniors, who engaged our youth to a few challenging games of Chess. They also invited us to come for more sessions. We also got additional interest from other senior living facilities in the area and we hope to expand our reach to seniors in those communities as well.

This month's theme was centered around "Older Americans Month" and age out loud. We had several seniors provide age out loud messages.

Here is video take by Mr. Russel Sellers, President, Friends of Bensons Inc., during the event. A big thank you from our team, to Mr. Sellers for posting it to youtube.