THE EXTRA MILE 5k WALK/RUN for Annandale Village

Today, the Chess for a Cause team was at the “THE EXTRA MILE 5k WALK/RUN” for Annandale Village. This run was organized to help turn hope into reality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Founded in 1969, Annandale Village is an award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated solely to providing progressive life assistance to adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries so they can maximize their abilities and maintain their independence in the least restrictive environment.

The Chess for a Cause team provides regular chess sessions at Annandale Village. A typical session consists of 2-5 volunteers from our club visiting Annandale Village for one-hour of interactive chess with the residents, consisting of hands-on gameplay, one-on-one coaching, and video presentations.

Apart from our mission of spreading balanced brain exercises through chess, our team also tries to increase awareness and raise funds for dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Our fund-raising efforts for Annandale Village were led by Poojita Chinmay. She was able to coordinate with Annandale Village, volunteers, and donors for the last couple of months. These efforts have yielded $255 so far.

Our team will look for greater coordination with Annandale Village in coming months to improve chess usage among residents.

We are sharing below some pictures we took during the run in the picturesque Suwanee Town Center Park.