April 29, 2017

Let us look at this simple puzzle. White is obviously down in material. It has a rook and a knight compared to two knights, pawn and Queen for Black. 

It is white's move, can you spot a cunning sacrifice which sets up an exciting win for white.

 White starts with a sacrifice of its rook by giving a check on h7. Black is forced to take the rook with his knight. In the next move white knight moves to f7 to deliver a check and mate.

Hope you enjoyed this two step check make. 

We will come back with another puzzle next week.

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April 11, 2017

Our first session at Wesley wood was a satisfying experience for the both of us. We were a little worried about reaching on time, with the I-85 closure, but we managed to reach couple of minutes late. By the time we reached out team was waiting for us. We were excited to run through our presentation and complete a few rounds of play.

We had some technical difficulties with the sound system, so we had to skip the introductory video. It was interesting how residents asked us to play some games between each other. We look forward to our next session at Wesley Woods.

April 8, 2017

This was the first coaching session for us. We were very nervous, but the staff at Annandale village made our experience very pleasant and memorable. All the participants were very excited and welcoming. The overall facilities and love we received made us excited to comeback soon.

We started with the introductory presentation explaining the benefits of chess. Then we went over each piece and its rules. Next we went over some simple chess positions and how one can check mate. We also went over the fool's and scholars mate. Finally we played two games with the residents.

We took some pictures and videos at the location, we will post them as soon as we receive approvals from the management.

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